Navigator’s Circle

Join the Navigator’s Circle: Become a Brand Ambassador for A2B Car Move

A Unique Journey Awaits

At A2B Car Move, we’re not just moving cars; we’re crafting journeys. And every journey needs a navigator. Welcome to the Navigator’s Circle – an exclusive cohort of Brand Ambassadors that stands at the helm of automotive transport advocacy across the United Kingdom. Limited to just 1,476 spots – one per city and town, including England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Isle of Man – this is your chance to guide, inspire, and connect.

The Role of a Navigator

As a member of the Navigator’s Circle, you’re not just an ambassador; you’re a pioneer, a guide, and a community builder. You’re the local voice that connects people looking to transport their cars with reliable local transport businesses. Whether you’re a seasoned influencer or a passionate micro-influencer active on social media platforms like Facebook, your role is crucial. Your active presence in local pages and groups ensures that when someone needs car transport services, you’re there to point them towards A2B Car Move.

Why Join Us?

Exclusivity & Inclusivity

With only one ambassador per location, you’ll have an exclusive platform to influence your community. But it’s more than that – it’s about being part of a nationwide network of navigators, all working towards the same goal.

Frontline Advocacy

Be at the forefront, shaping the future of car transportation in your area. Your recommendations will drive local transport solutions, making a tangible difference in your community.

Community Connection

You’re the bridge between customers and local transport services. By advocating for A2B Car Move, you help streamline car moves, making life easier for everyone involved.

Earn Influence Tokens

For your efforts and advocacy, you’ll earn Influence Tokens, which can be cashed out for real money or donated to charity. It’s not just about making an impact; it’s also about being rewarded for it.

Who We’re Looking For


Active social media users, especially on Facebook, who are integral members of their local community groups/pages.


Individuals passionate about making a difference in their local area, helping neighbours connect with reliable car transport services.


No need for a huge following – your activity, engagement, and willingness to help are what count.

How to Apply

Ready to chart the course as a Navigator within your community? Apply to join the Navigator’s Circle by filling out our application form. Tell us about yourself, your presence on social media, and why you’re passionate about becoming a Brand Ambassador for A2B Car Move.

Spaces are limited, and we’re looking for dedicated navigators to join our fleet. Apply now to secure your spot and start your journey with us.

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